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Are you a Student, Teacher, Staff Member,Parent/Guardian or Past-Student of a Primary or Secondary School in Trinidad and Tobago? Let us know how your school stacks up based on the category definitions below.

Location & Accessibility
Geographic location of the school and its relative ease of access to foot and vehiclar trafic
Learning Environment
School's provision of diverse spaces, concepts and cultures that facilitate student learning
Safety & Security
Procedures and systems in place at the school to identify and combat health and safety threats
Facilities & Resources
Availability of adequate and suitable buildings, infrastructure, materials and supplies for students
Students & School Spirit
Sense of identity, pride, community and sportsmanship shared by students of the school
Teacher Committment
Level of teacher concern for student development, and personal efforts to maximize learning
Sports, Clubs & Activities
Extra-curricular activities to promote the physical, mental and emotional development of students
Academic Achievements
Extent to which the school is achieving the short and long-term educational goals of its students
School Administration
Effective management of all operations to keep the school running smoothly and within budget

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